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Student of the Month
In October 2004, "The Student of the Month Program" was started by the Optimist Club of Hamilton. This is an award given out by many Optimist Clubs around the world. Each Optimist Club form their own criteria. The Hamilton Optimist criteria for this award is that it be given to a senior that is a model student in the sense of strong effort but not necessarily achievement. The senior must possess the qualities of kindness, thoughtfulness, good sportsmanship and citizenship. Each month one student from the senior class is chosen that best represents their class in these categories.

The Hamilton Optimist Student of the Month committee consists of: Caprice Markowski-Chair, Melanie Maher, Randy Jones and Rob Poznar. Nominations are given to this committee each month by the teachers at Hamilton Central School. The committee then selects a winner from these nominations. This year a nomination form will be added to our website www.hamiltonoptimist.org so that the community will also be able to nominate a student. Congratulations go out to all of our Students of the Month. The Optimist Club of Hamilton is very proud of each of them. A special thanks to the Teachers at HCS, the Student of the Month Committee and to the Colgate Bookstore for use of their Event Room.

The Optimist Students of the Month Award winners are presented with a certificate and a $25 dollar gift card to the Colgate Bookstore, compliments of Hamilton Optimists.

Student of the Month (2007-2008)

September - Mallory Carhart

October - Evie Hammer-Lester

November - Leah Guilmette

December - Heather Munz

January - Travis Maxwell

Galileo Program
The program is called "Program Galileo Project" and very simply, it involves Music, Science, Reading, Poetry and grades K-12. A Songwriter/Educator, Glen McClure works with the kids and just to begin with writes a song which incorporates their work on the Galileo Project, which incidentally, they will perform their song at the Spring Concert. Money was needed to fund the program. Any money raised for this program would be matched by "The Art Start Grant". Our group has donated to this progrram for two years now.

Time Program
The "Time Program" is run by two of our retired teachers-Sue Trueworthy and Joanne Prindle. They visit 21 families and provide not only literary support for them but also communicate resource connections that will benefit these families. It has made a big difference not only to the children that attend school but those children that are not of school age yet and the families. Sue and Joanne visit the homes and provide books and activities for the children. So far 8 of these homes have been provided with computers with the Wiggle Works software. We have given funds to this worthwhile program for the past two years.

Optimist District Golf Qualifier

The Optimist Club of Hamilton and Seven Oaks Golf Course has the honor of hosting the NYS district qualifying golf tournament each Memorial Day weekend.

This of one of more than 75 qualifying tournaments around the world that will bring together the top 650 junior golfers in Florida to compete in the Optimist International Junior Golf Championship. This tournament has been the springboard for such golffers as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and Nancy Lopez to name just a few.